Autumn colours

Hi there all you happy sewers,

What started out this last month with my retail sales efforts, later shifted into a creative spell in preparation for my winter gift shows. All part of the juggling act to increase sales, to keep things fresh with every season and to produce, produce!   Of course the most enjoyable of the three major roles is the one where I create. The ideas are not a problem, the execution is where I get stuck given the constraints of time.  This month, I managed to design a few new beauties for this coming holiday gift show circuit which starts in October.

I had about 30 large woollen blankets tucked into large baskets in my studio.. You know the kind you find at yard sales that people just want to get rid of because they accidentally shrunk them in the washer?  Sometimes they can smell of moth balls.  Yes, those blankets..  I just can’t stop collecting them. A good friend of mine even collects them for me on her visits to thrift stores. (I am so lucky!)  I just let them sit there waiting for the right time, and figured that one day I would find the perfect use for them.  The white ones are the hardest to work with since they cannot be made into bags because the colours are just too light and will easily soil.  So I made pillows instead.

I aslo bought some gorgeous wool felt last year and have been waiting to get started on some bags with it. It is made in Germany and not something I want to waste if the design is not quite right.  I am really happy with how these are coming along. The interiors will be lined with some of my French fabric to make the felt more durable and I might have to waterproof them to keep the rain and snow out. The woollen blankets are also a great textile for this design.

The craft sale I participated in last weekend turned out to be terrific despite the major downpour we survived around 2pm. It just came so quickly and drenched my table cloths and nearly soaked my products had it not been for some wonderful visitors who got stuck under my tent. They helped me shuffle tables and merchandise to the centre of the tent and hung out until the storm passed. Peter Wood was one of these good Samaritans..  A few of his fabulour paintings were on show inside the Lions Club hall.  Am now saving my pennies to buy one of his works!

My not-so-hidden-agenda to attend this show was to recruit some ladies to crochet and knit for me. I set up this little announcement in a frame and propped it on my table, next to my crochet pillows, and hoped to get garner some interest.

Several women have already contacted me to discuss the projects I have in mind. I am thrilled. Thank you ladies!  There are a few wool producers in our area as well. If it could be affordable, I would love to incorporate their alpaca, cashmere and wool into my products. I am hoping to join the owner of a local farm in the next few weeks on the day when they will be sheering their sheep and goats. So cool.

My gorgeous friend and chief sewing queen Annamarie was here last week and the week before helping with some fingerless glove production. She has sewn 100 pairs so far!

I just put the final touches on these swanky knitted gloves. They had been sitting on my coffee table all summer missing thumbs. These are for my personal collection (with a six month lead time for production of one pair, I would be out of business in no time!) Right on time for dog walking on a cool windy day like the one we are having out here in the Pontiac. The thermometre keeps dropping by a few degrees every week. I love Autumn and its warm, cozy colours!

Happy sewing, knitting and crocheting!


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  • Hi Anne The wool cream blankets can be dyed and they come out great.Have around 20 blankets. Cut out your bag from the blanket.Gather all your other materials you are going to use . Lining-I use cotton fabric or calico,thread,wool yarn etc. Choose the colour you want for your bag.Just make sure you use a dye that works wool and cotton. Dye the lot together. This way you have either have everything the same colour or matching shades.Have done the check blankets to.Some interesting shades. Love the cushions.

    • Anne Bursey:

      Hi Edith, thank you for your very interesting suggestion. I will try to die the blankets in one piece to avoid the fabric shrinking on me – see what transpires. Do you die your fabrics in your washing machine? would the die stain the inside of my washing machine? Or am I better dying on top of the stove in a huge pot… which is the way I have died other cotton fabrics. This might be trickier since the blankets are so large.. any tips? Thanks again! Anne

  • karen:

    WOW – You are nothing but Fantastic my Sister.. Your Autumn Colours collection is superb. My order is coming.


  • Wow! Beautiful work, Anne! Love it!

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